d.j.v. Beautenizer Volume Lash


OMG, YOU GUYS! Or should that be: My goodness, everyone! Whichever you prefer, stop what you are doing right now and listen up. You absolutely, positively need to make space for this mascara in your makeup bag.

I should warn you, this is not for the bashful or faint of heart. This gives you full on, thick, luscious, Bollywood-style eyelashes. Because it’s so full on there is some potential for clumping but as long as you make sure there’s not too much product on the brush, you’ll be fine.

I gave it the rub test and I can report that there was no smudging or panda eyes and it came off fairy easily with warm water and a wash cloth (you don’t need to use eye makeup remover).

This is a fairly new purchase for me (it arrived today!) so I’ll report back with any niggles that might arise but this might just knock Benefit off my top spot.

*ooooooooohhh, new mascara*

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2 Responses to d.j.v. Beautenizer Volume Lash

  1. I’m so glad you posted this – I am a mascara addict!! But I do love my They’re Real! Where can I purhcase this??

    • mabelsays says:

      I got mine from beautybay.com but delivery took a week and a half. RUBBISH. You can also get it from cultbeauty.co.uk. Both do international delivery.

      Also, They’re Real definitely has this mascara whipped on the applicator/brush front. There’s nothing like plastic spikes for clump avoidance.

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