Revlon, Double Dutch and Horrible Hounds


Day 2 of NaBloPoMo and my life has already been greatly enriched. I watched video this morning posted by fellow blogger and NaBloPoMo-er Charlene and, after being blown away by her Oscar worthy performance and the fact she had already got her day 2 post up, I had a sudden burst of realisation- I CAN READ DUTCH! Sort of. The video, you see, is based in Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands and there’s a shot of a large banner with the words 24 uur per dag emblazoned on it. Now, being able to deduce that this means ‘24 hours a day’ may not make me a genius, but I was throughly impressed with myself. This got me thinking- If I’m already this good, I could be fluent by Christmas! A 30 minute trawl through WH Smith paid off and I am now the proud owner of Dutch for Dummies. Watch this space.

Feeling flush with my purchase I found myself wandering into that other stalwart of the British high street- Boots. The makeup sections of the larger stores are very dangerous and it’s impossible for me to leave without buying something. Today, that something was a Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet (picture above). It’s a beautiful, deep, red wine-esque colour that really channels the whole dark, vampy lip vibe that’s going on right now. It has a gorgeous semi-glossy finish and can be applied as lightly or as full on as you want it to be. It’s definitely my new ‘go to’ daytime red.

With the addition of my first Starbucks red cup of the year, I was feeling very pleased with myself by the time I got home. It didn’t last. The 1st week of November is all about fireworks. Diwali fireworks, Guy Fawkes fireworks and fireworks for the sake of fireworks. I love fireworks. My dog doesn’t. The constant bang bang banging turns her into a very destructive nervous wreck and she had decided to soothe her nerves by trashing my bathroom. The entire contents of the bin had been emptied and strewn across the floor, a mini-wicker basket had been shredded to pieces and my dirty laundry was EVERYWHERE.


She’s lucky she’s cute.

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5 Responses to Revlon, Double Dutch and Horrible Hounds

  1. Colline says:

    Good luck with learning Dutch.
    PS: i agree, your dog is cute 🙂

  2. This made me laugh so much – great way to start my day!! Before you even open Dutch for Dummies, learn how to say the alphabet from Youtube videos. G is a tricky one and and W & V sound the exact same… until they don’t anymore 😛

    What was your beverage of choice in Starbucks? I haven’t seen my first festive cup of the year yet!

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