Apologies and Kate Somerville news

Image So I clearly haven’t quite got the hang of this blogging business yet (only 2 posts in almost 4 weeks? GET OFF MY INTERNET!!) but I am working on it. I’ve had a relentless work schedule to contend with on one hand and a desire to do nothing but sleep on the other. Sandwiched between the 2 is my social life (although, to be honest, I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks that my ‘social life’ is basically Whatsapp) and you can see why blogging has been relegated to the sidelines.

But. But, but, but…over the weekend I heard some news that made my skin-care loving heart go giddy-up: The Kate Somerville skin care line is now available in the UK via their website. Trust me, this is big news. The guru of skin care gurus, Caroline Hirons has raved about this line enough for me to have considered paying a skin-care mule to smuggle pots of the stuff back to the UK for me. I, like the rest of the beauty blogdom, have my eye on the Goat Milk Moisturiser and will be counting down the day until I can get it on my face.

I use too many parentheses/brackets.


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