This is a blog about looking good.

Hello! Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I’m new at this so please be nice.

Does the world really need another beauty blog? Does anyone care what I think about the staying power of a MAC lipstick? Don’t I have better things to do with my time? (No, no and maybe). Nevertheless, here I am, armed with a love of products and an opinion.

So, it’s summertime and we’ve all had parts of our bodies on show that, for most of the year, lie hidden under 10 layers of fabric. If you’ve ever looked out of the window onto a beautiful morning that promises to be sunny AND warm and thought: ‘Yay sunshine!’ Followed by: ‘Waaaaaaah, this means it’ll be too hot to wear tights and the world will see my scaly legs! What do I dooooooooo?’ Fear not and reach for this:

Aqua Mirabilis from Lush


If you ever need smooth skin in a hurry, Aqua Mirabilis is what you need. There are more thorough exfoliators out there (Soap and Glory etc) but they can be fiddly and messy when you are in a rush.

How to:

  1. Give yourself a quick wash with whatever shower gel or soap you usually use.
  2. Turn your shower off or stand up if you’re in the bath.
  3. Scrub this all-over your wet body, paying particular attention to your rough bits. The bar will emulsify on contact with your wet skin into a creamy, non-foaming, lather.
  4. Rinse to reveal silky smooth skin and pat dry. It leaves the skin very lightly moisturised but you will need to apply body lotion afterwards if you have particularly dry skin.
  5. Do not put this into a sealed container whilst it is still wet. Allow it to air dry completely by storing it in an uncovered soap dish (try not to let any water collect at the bottom of the dish).

Pros- Your skin will look hot, feel smooth and it helps get rid of ingrown hairs with regular use. It also, as with all Lush products, comes with the assurance that it has not been tested on animals and will have minimal impact on the environment.

Cons- this has a very distinctive scent that is reminiscent of digestive biscuits (a sweet wheat biscuit/cookie). This doesn’t bother me because I quite like the smell of digestive biscuits but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Also, this is essentially a block of cocoa and almond butter. Butter melts under hot water so do not use this under running water or you will only get 1-2 uses out of this and you will end up feeling ripped off.

So, that’s it for my 1st ever blog post. Is it too long? It looks very long…. Anyway, we can all go back to speculating on whether the royal baby (Kate was whisked into hospital this morning) will be a boy or a girl. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.

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One Response to This is a blog about looking good.

  1. delacybrown says:

    You’re a natural! And frankly I would have thought that compared with some of the asphyxiating stenches that come out of Lush, digestives would be a highly welcome addition. They should go with peanut butter for their next exfoliating product.

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